Car Wash Center

The company VATEX EU s.r.o. operates its own car wash line with a complete program for passenger cars
and trucks including internal interior maintenance like for example hoovering, cleaning and upholstery shampooing.

3-brush portal technology with electronic control automatically controlled by the pressure of brushes is used for washing trucks of standard shapes. In the case of commercial vehicles of non-standard shapes like cranes, construction and agricultural machinery, special semi-trailers and so on, we use the combination of manual and high-pressure washing with special application of chemical products, which ensure effective cleaning of varied surfaces. The highest possible quality of washing is always provided.

Disinfecting and cleaning of vehicles for food industry is also a part of our proposal. We use the method of washing the semi-trailer interior with pressurized water, subsequent applications of sanitization product and re-washing with water with possible cleaning with a squeegee. All of the products we use have appropriate license and certification granted by the Department of Health.

We also carry out manual pressure-washing of engines, which is implemented while using special chemical products in combination with washing by pressurized water. Cleaned engines are subsequently treated with a special preservative.