Our Service

The company VATEX EU s.r.o. is specialized in comprehensive logistics and forwarding services, which are provided throughout whole Europe.

By using our own extensive fleet of trucks, and in cooperation with indentured partners, we provide rapid and secure transport of shipments including related services. We can provide customs clearance of goods and other related operations, such as sorting, labeling, repackaging, storage and preparation for further distribution. We own large storage areas, including tempered halls, which are offered for rent as well. On our protected premises perfectly guarded by modern monitoring and signalling system, we provide lease parking of heavy and freight vehicles. There is also available our own gas station, portal car wash line for passenger and freight vehicles, and it is also possible to use our service and tyre fitting service. This multi-purpose center, which is a guarantee of excellent condition of our fleet of trucks, is also ready to provide excellent services to our customers and transport partners.

Comprehensive Logistics and Forwarding

We have established strict corporate quality merits to provide our clients with services at the highest level. Only a few are able to get by. We want to be the best at everything, and we know that we can trust only ourselves, and that is why we have built our own reliable background. We operate our own gas station, where we are confident about harmlessness and corresponding quality of fuel. And thanks to the above mentioned, all our vehicles are in the top shape, so when our client turns to us with any task, we are ready to go immediately.


Parking for Trucks

In Šlapanice, 2 kilometers from the highway D1, we operate our extensive enclosed grounds with modern CCTV security system, where we offer rental parking areas for trucks. This protected are also includes, beside our own gas station providing ordinary diesel fuel, biodiesel and ad-blue, 3-brush portal car wash for passenger cars and trucks, and the service and tire fitting service are also provided there. Due to our experience, we know how difficult it is to find an appropriate area for parking a truck or freight vehicle. We have got ideal solution for you.


Rental of Tempered Storage Hall

Follow-up services are also a part of modern forwarding. Those are for example determination of the customs deposit, customs clearance, sorting out the goods, labeling, repacking or storage prior to its subsequent transport. We offer for lease our tempered storage hall of the area of 1 000 sqm and of 6 m of height for these purposes. The hall has dust-proof floor, electrical sockets 220 V and 380 V, barrier-free passages for forklifts, and it is equipped with the "Hochregallager" system. The hall is situated in the guarded area in Šlapanice, 2 kilometers from the highway D1.